Family Dentists For Over 35 Years

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When looking for dental clinics in Wetherill Park, instead of visiting each one once, just stop by Family Dental Centre. Our family-run dental practice has a solid 35 years of experience with a lot of practical knowledge passed down from one generation to the next. At the same time, we’re one of the most modern dental clinics in Wetherill Park, employing state-of-the-art equipment and technology to offer quick but high-quality dental work.

We are at your service for any general dental work for you and your family. A regular tooth check-up combined with our advice will help you maintain good oral health, stopping diseases before they invade your mouth. Our services include professional teeth cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatments.

If your check-up reveals a problem, we’ll ensure you get timely and appropriate treatment. Removing tooth decay, root canal therapy, and placing a filling in the affected tooth can usually be done at once. We place porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges too if your teeth have met a mishap, and our cosmetic dental work portfolio comprises of whitening to get you a lovely smile.

Contact us if you are a fan of contact sports and need a custom dental mouth-guard that fits properly and protects well. Do you grind your teeth while you are asleep? Stress management brings relief in most cases. If not, we’ll provide a dental splint at precisely the right fit to alleviate the pressure in your jaw.

We are open from Monday to Saturday, and we guarantee quick but excellent dental works at reasonable rates. Are you a BUPA or Medibank member? They may pay part of the treatments done at our dental clinics in Wetherill Park. Call us to find out if you’re eligible.