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Need Crowns, Dentures or a Root Canal in Wetherill Park? Meet Your New Dentists:

There’s a reason that horse buyers check the mouths of the animals they’re thinking about purchasing. This centuries-old practice persists today because the quality of teeth in almost any animal are a reliable measure of its health. The same, unsurprisingly, is true in humans. Looking at the mouth of any human being can tell you a lot about their health, hygiene and the way that they choose to present themselves. For instance, a person who doesn’t take appropriate measures to protect or clean their teeth is going to have some mouth problems. That said, there are things you can do to treat tooth damage in humans. All you need to find is a reliable dentist.

One of the things your dentist should be able to help you out with is crowns. Wetherill Park residents with young children who consume large amounts of sugar will want to make sure that they pay attention to this one. Crowns are caps in the shape of teeth that restore dead or deteriorated teeth to their former size, shape and appearance. Full crowns cover every part of a tooth that would normally be visible above the gum line. They are applied using special dental cement.

Another important procedure that you’ll want to make sure your dentist can handle is the root canal. In Wetherill Park, seeking out root canal procedures is quite common, especially in patients who have reached a certain age. The roots of all teeth contain a cavity filled with pulp. This pulp can become infected, however, which is painful and requires replacement with an inert synthetic material. The term “root canal” refers both to this procedure and the area of the tooth where the pulp must be replaced.

Family Dental Centre has been in business for over 35 years and has an extensive history of dealing with both crowns and root canal procedures. Furthermore, we’re also one of the most trusted places to acquire dentures in Wetherill Park, making us a highly reliable choice for general dentistry of all kinds.

Easy to Wear Dentures in Wetherill Park

Dentures (or removable plates capable of replacing missing teeth) are extremely useful, but they aren’t always the most comfortable. That’s because not everybody is careful about the way dentures are sized or manufactured. Having improperly made dentures can be a major inconvenience. It can make everyday activities like eating or smiling for photographs quite painful. That’s why Family Dental Care takes a detail-oriented approach to providing dentures for our patients. With us, you acquire dentures that make you feel like your smile is always comfortable and complete.

A Wide Range of General Dentistry Services Available

In addition to crowns, root canal and dentures, Family Dental Centre can provide fillings, extraction, cleaning and many other traditional dental procedures. Contact us right away to speak with a representative about how we can help you have a smile you’ll love