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From Root Canals and Crowns to Dentures, Make All Your Dental Decisions with the Help of a Trusted Family Dentist in Edensor Park

The world of personal dental care is filled with big questions. Should you try teeth whitening or opt for porcelain veneers? Do you need to have a tooth extracted or would a root canal treatment do the trick? If you do have to have a tooth (or multiple teeth) extracted, how can you replace them?

Ideally, you won’t have to ask yourself all these questions in your lifetime. For instance, most of us would rather never think about an extraction or a root canal—let alone have to think about which is the better treatment option. However, in cases where you do have to think about veneers, crowns, root canals or dentures in Edensor Park, it’s good to have a family dentist on your side who you can trust.

The Family Dental Centre Promise

For the past 35 years, Family Dental Centre has been providing dental care services from four different practices in the Fairfield-Liverpool area. Today, we continue to operate all four practices and have two generations of family dentists collaborating on the business together.

How has our dental practice been able to stand the test of time in this fashion? It wasn’t by offering services or procedures that no other dental professionals in the region can provide. On the contrary, other dentists can provide crowns in Edensor Park, and others can perform root canal treatments in Wetherill Park.

What sets us apart at Family Dental Centre is our focus on relationships. Our goal as dental practitioners is never to see as many patients as possible per day, to maximise profits. Instead, our goal is to establish lifelong relationships with every patient who walks through our doors. We know that going to the dentist can be a stressful, irritating or even scary experience—especially for kids. That’s why we make a point of always keeping a look out for the wellbeing of you and your entire family.

So, that’s our promise to you at Family Dental Centre. When you come to see us—whether you need an extraction or root canal in Edensor Park or a new crown in Wetherill Park—we promise to give you the caring, thoughtful and personal service you deserve. We promise to sit down with you to listen to your concerns or questions. We promise to provide professional advice that will lead you down the best path for your personal dental care. We promise to offer reasonable and affordable dental treatments. We promise to be not just dentists, but also friends.

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If you have been looking for a family dentist that you can trust—one that emphasises strong personal relationships and quality care above all else—then Family Dental Centre is the right place for you. To learn more about our services—from dentures, veneers and crowns to extractions and root canals—call our Edensor Park office on 0298232017.