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Emergency Dentist in Hinchinbrook

When it comes to your health, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a place to go if an emergency strikes. If you were ever in an accident, for example, you know that someone phoning emergency services would ensure you’d receive help right away. What about for emergencies that don’t require a trip to hospital, but which are still worth taking seriously? For example, your child might suffer a facial impact during a sporting event that dislodges a tooth. Other common dental emergencies include sudden pain, abscessed teeth, and more. In every case, the ability to head somewhere for immediate treatment can help allay much of your anxiety.

At Family Dental Centre, compassionate and worry-free care is what we strive to offer as an emergency dentist in Hinchinbrook. With convenient hours during the week and even some office hours on Saturday, we make it easy to reach out to us when you need care from a dentist immediately. In addition to our affordable treatment, we are both a Medibank and BUPA dentist in Hinchinbrook. For those with coverage from these providers, we can streamline your claims to make accessing our excellent care even easier.

A modern emergency dentist for Hinchinbrook

The dental world, much like the medical sector in general, is a place of constant innovation. Each year sees more new equipment hitting the market and pioneering new treatment techniques entering more general usage. At Family Dental Centre, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of these developments. When it comes to offering you and your family treatment, you deserve to be able to access the latest advances. Not only does our staff continually train to stay on top of these changes, but our practice features modern equipment as well. Our tech-savvy staff is also adept at quickly filing claims to Medibank and BUPA for your treatment.

Many people avoid the dentist because they feel anxious or uncomfortable. We recognise this issue and hope our atmosphere offers families an alternative. Here you can enjoy affordable and effective treatment from us, even on an emergency basis. Meanwhile, we work hard to understand how we can improve your level of comfort each visit.

Make arrangements to visit our offices now

With a practice so fully equipped to offer state of the art care, we hope you’ll feel comfortable coming to see our team whenever you face an oral emergency. Don’t forget that as a Medibank dentist for the Hinchinbrook area, we can make a claim directly to your insurance. BUPA also designates our practice as a preferred provider. You can relax while your dentist works to treat the issues with which you’ve been living.

Also, please feel free to ask us about the many other services we offer. From regular cleanings and dental check-ups to whitening and even dentures, the Family Dental Centre exists to provide a lifetime of all-around care. Questions about treatment, emergency scheduling, or our status as providers through BUPA and Medibank? Visit our contact page to get in touch, or call directly on 0298267888 to discuss setting an appointment.