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Looking for a Bupa, Medibank or Emergency Dentist in Edensor Park?

Finding effective health care coverage might be the most important part health care. So many people across Australia waste massive amounts of time finding what seems like the perfect healthcare provider, only to realise that their insurance doesn’t cover that vendor’s services. This is inconvenient when it comes to nearly any kind of health coverage, but it can be particularly tricky with regards to dental care. In fact, it’s estimated that only half of Australians are covered by some form of private dental care, according to the AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who are, though, you might not know what providers your insurance covers. That can make it hard to find a practice you like that can also take your insurance.



Just because it can be hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though. The consequences of not having a dentist far outweigh the difficulties of finding the correct practice. According to the AIHW, nearly 30% of Australian adults age 25-44 are dealing with some form of untreated tooth decay, and over 60% of all people over the age of 5 visited a dentist sometime in the last year. This means the demand for quality dental care is not only real, but it’s also serious—and going without a dentist is hardly an option unless for some reason you happen to enjoy aggravating pain in your teeth.

There are options, however, for those of you who need an emergency dentist in Edensor Park. Family Dental care has a practice in the Edensor Park area that takes both Bupa and Medibank, and we currently welcome new patients. Our organisation is over 35 years old, and we’ve developed a reputation for being both trustworthy and affordable. Using your insurance for a nearby emergency dentist can be straightforward and worry-free when you come to us.

A Bupa and Medibank Dentist for Edensor Park

Family Dental Centre functions as both a Medibank and Bupa friendly dentist for Edensor Park residents who wish to use their insurance. Part of our commitment to affordability includes our willingness to accommodate various types of dental insurance for a range of general dentistry procedures. You may qualify for partial (or even full) coverage for a variety of operations depending on the volume of your private coverage. For more information on what your insurance will cover, feel free to call our office with your questions.

Trust Us in an Emergency

When you need quality dentistry in Edensor Park and aren’t sure where your private insurance will help, call Family Dental Centre to enquire. No matter what you’re dealing with, we’ll provide you with clear and honest answers so that you can make decisions that are in your best interest. Don’t let yourself go without the dental care that you need, or end up paying too much for services you could have obtained elsewhere for less. Contact Family Dental Centre and let us advise you.