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Zoom Teeth Whitening at Edensor Park. Once, Twice, as Often as You Like

With a white-toothed smile, you feel your confidence grow. Suddenly you have an excellent excuse to show how great you feel. White teeth make people look younger and healthier. Didn’t mother nature give you a perfect set of teeth, or have your teeth discoloured with time? Tooth enamel is a porous material. Tannins in black tea, coffee or wine may have an intense impact. Food and drink with high acidity will erode your tooth enamel which accelerates the discolouration even more.

No need to keep your lips stuck together. Make an appointment with Family Dental Centre for Zoom teeth whitening at Edensor Park.

Philips have developed superior bleaching products which you can use anywhere, anytime, and which fit your personal bleaching needs. Some people prefer bleaching their teeth at home, at the time which suits them best. Others instead rely on their dentist. For your first professional Zoom teeth whitening, however, come to Edensor Park. We’ll brighten your teeth quickly, effectively, and safely.

After the first session – we do not doubt the result will delight you – we leave the decision to you. You are welcome to return to our dental clinic for the subsequent whitening treatments. We work swiftly, and all you need to do is recline and relax. Four sessions of 15 minutes may make your teeth as many as six shades lighter. You may also choose to do the whitening yourself. In that case, we will give you all the necessary accessories to finish the work at home. Our Zoom teeth whitening guidance is free. Whichever you choose, you can look forward to a sparkling smile.