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Cosmetic Dentists in Wetherill Park to Free Your Smile

A smile is free, so they say. It’s easy to give one and can mean the world to the one who receives it. Do you like to make others happy, and by doing so feel wonderful too, but do your teeth show too many imperfections? There‚Äôs no reason to hide your smile behind lips clenched tightly together. It’s time to contact Family Dental Centre, cosmetic dentists in Wetherill Park.

At Family Dental Centre, cosmetic dentists in Wetherill Park we offer 35 years of experience, so rely on us for cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, and bridges. For damaged, discoloured, or crooked teeth, veneers may be the best solution. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain which we fix over the front of your teeth. They provide a preferred solution if your teeth are sensitive.

To cover a damaged tooth, consider a crown prosthetic. The crown will improve your tooth’s appearance, shape or alignment, but also strengthen it.

If you are unlucky to have lost more than one tooth, causing a wide-open space between teeth, a bridge may be what you need. Depending on factors such as the location of the missing tooth and its function, we will help you decide whether to choose porcelain, ceramic, or another material.

Our dental treatments are high-quality while reasonable and affordable, and if you treat your veneer, crown, or bridge well, they may last 10 to 20 years or a lifetime. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is vital. At Family Dental Centre, cosmetic dentists in Wetherill Park we’ll tell you how to keep your teeth in good shape so that you may give away many smiles.